How many years have we been in chaos mode? At this point, the world needs a mental health break from billionaires & politicians …

@kishau yes, "The year of the four emperors" is stressful in the history books, I do not want to relive it

@kishau ain’t that the truth!! I always think of Michelle Obama saying, “I’ve been at the table with those men. They are not that smart.”

@hopper 😂 exactly. We (society) need to stop conflating “genius” with influence/power/money. None of this is smart lol

@kishau 👍🏼 Many of these guys are like sharks. A shark is an apex predator, everything about it finetuned to succeed in a certain way. But smart? Nope.

@kishau I feel that we've entered the Emperor's got no clothes territory.

Oh you're super rich? And...?

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